Posted by: jewelinthelotus | February 16, 2013

SAFETY and Undocumented

Yesterday was grocery day. This was actually started about two weeks
ago so I don’t remember which yesterday I was writing about. The
FieldCo (team leader) went with me yesterday along with our national
staff Outreach Worker as they had a meeting with a local doctor about
HIV tests. It was an interesting meeting to sit in on as he shared
with us pictures of two of his surgeries. One was of a baby that had
grown into the woman’s bladder and another was of calcified baby that
a woman had carried within her for six years. I can’t say for sure,
but my guess these stories are not found in any medical journals. If
there were not pictures I would not believe it. This same day we
stopped by the office of Act for Hunger to say hello and stayed for
over an hour. What an interesting organization. I was impressed by
their approach to Nutrition training. Instead of hiring health workers
they spend time training people within the community such as hair
dressers. What an innovative approach and I think more likely to bring
about long lasting change than health workers not part of the
community would bring.

I have had a few questions about safety. Yes, I am safe or at least as
safe as anyone really is. I am not worried. The situation is closely
monitored and steps are being taken to secure our compound more than
it currently is. The region I am in is not touched (yet) by what is
taken place in other parts of the country. I find this interesting
and think maybe because it is the poorest area in this country.

Well, it’s Saturday night and my eyes are burning from looking at a
computer all day combined with the fact today the air is thick with
dust and smoke. The dust burns my nose and I am able to taste it in my
mouth. It so thick, it is possible to look directly at the sun. I
walked around the compound attempting to take a photo, but nothing
turned out.

Well, all for now, but will try again tomorrow.

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