Posted by: jewelinthelotus | December 6, 2012


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Well, first, I noticed my numbering of photos is off. I am not sure where it happened. It looks like in Montana, but I’m too tired and have too much else to do to make it right. I know I’ve taken a photo a day so I set it right with the last photo.

I took this photo on my morning walk this a.m. It’s the first time I’ve seen a homeless person sleeping in this spot. It’s not like this is an uncommon scene in Portland. I felt a bit like I was invading this person’s privacy by taking a photo, but did so anyway. I truly wish every person had a warm sheltered place to sleep and a warm shower. At the very least if everyone could send their thoughts, prayers, or whatever their belief to those without this Holiday season. We live in a country with so much! It’s hard for me to reconcile this is part of our societal norm.

Christmas in Paradise



  1. YES!!

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