Posted by: jewelinthelotus | May 6, 2012



Originally uploaded by DebDuncan13

The words “Right Now” are what drew me to the sign. They popped off the sign as I was walking by. I stopped and stared at those words for a moment then kept walking, but then turned around to snap a photo. That is all there is….right now. It is all happening now. It is what it is….for now.



  1. I used to detest that phrase “It is what it is” but I’ve slowly come around to seeing those words in a different light. It isn’t a negative thing to say – just mindful – here it is, as it is now – not to say that we can affect change – but to live with it how it is in this moment is true mindfulness = peace.

    • exactly Kat! It is acceptance of the moment instead of resistance!

  2. I meant to say “not to say we cannot affect change” — still learning about mindfulness each and every day!

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