Posted by: jewelinthelotus | January 2, 2012

2/365 Project 365

2/365 Project 365
You looking at me!?

Last night I read several posts from those who had just completed Project 365 2011. It was a bit daunting as most wrote of how challenging this project was for them and how they grew to hate it. What I found interesting is most of the comments I read were by professional photographers who shoot every day anyway.

I definitely anticipate that carrying a camera around every day will at no doubt, at times, feel like a burden. However, this is an exercise to awaken to the world around me. To practice being present to each moment as so wonderfully described on the Miksang Photography website:

“We see something vivid and penetrating, and in that moment we can express our perception without making anything up—nothing added, nothing missing. Totally honest about what we see.”



  1. Debbie — I just LOVE that bird — looks like he is so curious as to what I might be thinking.

    Happy New Year and well done on your 365 project. Looks like it’s paid off big time.


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