Posted by: jewelinthelotus | September 29, 2010

Red Candle

A squatty red candle rests on a navy blue piece of glass. Its willowy flame flickers in the wind from the open window. The smell of Big Red cinnamon fills the kitchen over powering all kitchen smells and the other smells listed on the label. Maybe a touch of frankincense? No, my nose burns with cinnamon.  The flame grows taller and wider before my eyes. It reaches high above the rim of the candle, then as if drawing a breath retreats beneath the rim causing the candle to glow like a red pumpkin, then as if exhaling, the flame flickers wildly growing taller and wider than before. The brightness of the flame is like the sun. Looking directly at it hurts my eyes so I watch its reflection in the window.  Fire reads the label.  Fire, indeed. Where is my inner fire?



  1. fires can be smoldering for a long time or the just right flames can warm your insides. Can be comforting, not always motivating.

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