Posted by: jewelinthelotus | September 12, 2010

Portland by night

Wired! It is 12:30 a.m. and I feel like I drank six cups of coffee!
What an amazing evening. Portland by night.

This evening was my first night photography class. What an experience to wander the streets of Portland late at night viewing the city in the protection of a group.
We saw a wedding photo shoot under a Portland bridge. The wedding party, photographers, & the couple looked about 16 — not sure where to go with that. Of course, in this same location the homeless population was dense. I believe we were spat at, but fortunatey not on.

Our next stop was a closed food cart with the gates open. It turns out the owners were inside preparing meat for a festival in Salem on September 18. While a classmate was speaking Spanish to the owners explaining why a bunch of people with cameras and tripods were taking pictures of their food cart, I was watching a woman walk up & down the street yelling incomprehensibly. She was shortly joined by a man who she proceeded to scream into his face. The man sat down on a ledge for a minute, then got up, and they disappeared into an alley. Perhaps, ten minutes later she emerged from the alley, still yelling. I felt like I was inside a bubble witnessing a side of Portland that I miss sitting inside the security of my home. Tonight’s class was short one so am excited to explore more of Portland’s night life in the next month.



  1. Nicely done! I went to Portland for the first time this summer and loved it, but this is a side I didn’t see. Thanks for sharing it!

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