Posted by: jewelinthelotus | June 27, 2010

Thunder Rolling

The Earth and myself are of one mind. Perhaps you think the Creator sent you here to dispose of us as you see fit. If I thought you were sent by the creator, I might he induced to think you had a right to dispose of me.

Do not misunderstand me; but understand me fully with reference to my affection for the land. I never said the land was mine to do with as I choose. The one who has a right to dispose of it is the one who created it. I claim a right to live on my land, and accord you the privilege to return to yours.

Brother, we have listened to your talk coming from our father, the Great White Chief in Washington, and my people have called upon me to reply to you.

The winds which pass through these aged pines we hear the moaning of departed ghosts, and if the voice of our people could have been heard, that act would never have been done. But alas though they stood around they could neither be seen nor heard. Their tears fell like drops of rain.

I hear my voice in the depths of the forest but no answering voice comes back to me. All is silent around me. My words must therefore be few. I can now say no more. He is silent for he has nothing to answer when the sun goes down.”

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains-Chief Joseph, Nez:

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  2. There is something about Native American wisdom (or the wisdom of any indigenous culture) that just moves me so. We read the book, “Brother Eagle, Sister Sky” to our kids often. Inside, there is similar prose by Chief Seattle. It is SO powerful.

    It is exactly this Oneness with all Life that I believe we must re-awaken to if humans are to re-balance our collective lives. It’s powerful. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thank you for your comment. I am often moved my Native American Wisdom and felt this was timely!

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